Emission upgrade - EURO4 - 5 and EEV

Emicon Systems has three emission upgraded buses ready and in operation at three different bus operators in the Copenhagen area:

One Scania DC9 Euro 4 bus, as with Emicon Systems combined DPF and SCR system has a brilliant NOx reduction.

One Scania DC9 EEV bus as with Emicon Systems combined DPF and SCR system also have a brilliant NOx reduction.

One Volvo DH 12 Euro5 bus, as with Emicon Systems combined DPF and SCR system has a NOx reduction which is in line with the original SCR system.

For the three buses applies, they are equipped with a catalytic coated particulate filter which regenerate and have a degree of filtration at more than 99% of the soot particles. Emicon Systems are test a new "low back pressure" DPF technology.

The MOVIA project is now entering the phase where all the systems must be tested and validated by the Danish Technological Institute in Aarhus, which subsequently results in issuing a "An approval in principle for combined particulate filter and SCR". This means that Emicon System subsequently can sell and retrofit certified emission systems for reducing NOx, CO, HC and soot particles. Emicon Systems are, and has been approved particulate filter supplier in Denmark and other European countries over the past 10 years.

MOVIA Project update. May 25 2014

The first test Test drive:

Emicon Systems has delivered the first updated bus, with Emicon combination particulate filter and SRC catalyst for NettBuss, a Danish bus company. 
The system has under test drive demonstrated excellent reduction results:
Fine tuning and calibration relative to the current bus route 5A (a local bus route in Copenhagen), is conducted over the coming weeks. The Test System will run 1 year or until the end of May 2015.

The DPF part of the system is working better then expected, no sign of increased back pressure after 650 km of operation. Emicon Systems is testing a new DPF technology; Triangulare Asymmetric filter which is 25% smaller than the conventional technology.   

Display for  UITP Bus Commitee:

The NettBuss company bus, Volvo DH12 Euro4-5 were displayed on May 23 at MOVIA. Movia hosted visitors from UITP Bus Commitee. Technical managers from different European Transport companies.


Read More about UITP here:

Read Press release by Movia here: Link is coming soon 

Next 2 project busses under installation:

The next 2 buses, Scania DC9 EEV from the bus company Anchersen and Scania DC9 Euro4 from the bus company Arriva is being fitted with a combined DPF + SCR systems and expected to be operational during week 22 and week 23 2014.

MOVIA Project

Emicon Systems has been selected as one of 3 suppliers in a major Environmental Enhancement Project initiated by MOVIA and the City of Copenhagen. MOVIA is responsible for public tenders of bus lines in Copenhagen and most of Sealand.

The project aims to test new technologies and theories against existing possibilities to identify possible improvements in the reduction ad NOx exhaust emissions as well as the reduction of soot particles from EEV, Euro4 and Euro5 buses.

Emicon Systems has just started assembly of the first combined particulate filter and SCR system on the first of three buses in the project:

Volvo DH 12 Euro5, operated by the NettBuss bus company. The present original SCR system is replaced by a combined new system, which consists of the very latest DPF and SCR technologies.

Scania DC9 EEV, operated by Anchersen bus company, will be also fitted with a combined system, with the very latest DPF and SCR technologies. The new system will replace the original muffler.

Scania DC9 Euro4, operated by Arriva bus company, will be installed with a similar system but with a slightly older generation of particle filter in order to demonstrate the difference to the very latest filter technology.

The project will last one year, from 1 May 2014 to 31 April 2015. During the test run, each bus will be tested at DTU in Aarhus, Denmark in a WHVC transient test cycle. Suppliers may obtain a Danish “Principal approval” of the system provided that reduction objectives are achieved.

In the project the emission levels are logged in an “on board” ECU – these log data is handled by Force Technology. Force shall, on the basis of verified log data, prepare a full report from each retrofitted bus and compare data from a reference bus with original emission system. The objective is to document the environmental impact of transposing and implementing the project in a wider perspective.

Power up the Eurovision song contest

The Danish news paper Politikken whrite: 

Eurovision contest blackens Copenhagen's green values

"The use of 26 heavy duty diesel guzzling generators is a far cry from the sustainability and environmental label placed on the contest by Visit Copenhagen on its web page, where it boasts that everything about the contest has been thought into environmental friendliness."

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