About Emicon Systems

Emicon Systems ApS is a private owned Danish company. We have more than 20 years experience in muffler and emission technologies and contribute with our Emission Control Systems to create a harmonious interaction between vehicles and the environment. In short we can make a particulate filter and other emission reducing solutions for all types of diesel vehicles.

Emicon Systems’ mission is to supply, design, appliqué and deliver approved Particulate Filter Systemsand other retrofit emission systems that genuinely represent solutions for Low Emission Zones, on-road and off-road diesel engines, their owners and users. Following this philosophy both the environment and our customers benefit from our technologies. A real solution for the environment, we believe, is to eliminate the harmful soot particles, NOx and other harmful emissions as CO and HC from diesel exhaust. That is why all our particulate filter systems are designed and approved so that up to 99% of the solids are removed without causing significant release of NOx and without increasing noise pollution.


Our development department is already well on the next generation of new designs, not only remove particles, but also reduce NOx by up to 90% and secure that the CO2 emissions remain unchanged at a neutral level.

In addition, our particle filters systems are made from silicon carbide, which gives an exceptionally good and robust design (several of the systems we have followed since installation, has now driven more than 1.000,000 km). This means longer lifetime and fewer service and workshop days.

Finally, we have taken account of the working environment in connection with cleaning of the filter. Our filters easily removed from base and in a sealed storage bag sent to the purification at Emicon Systems. The actual treatment takes place under the right environmental conditions where soot particles are collected and deposited in accordance with current rules.

The robust and flexible design principle ensures a long life and easy service for our systems. 

What are diesel emissions?

Diesel engine, like other internal combustion engines, converts chemical energy contained in the fuel into mechanical power. Diesel fuel is a mixture of hydrocarbons which—during an ideal combustion process—would produce only carbon dioxide (CO2) and water vapor (H2O). Indeed, diesel exhaust gases are primarily composed of CO2, H2O and the unused portion of engine charge air.

Read more about concentrations, pollutant emissions and ranges in this pdf file (opens in new window). 

Emicon Systems - For a cleaner world!

If untreated the exhaust from a diesel engine contains a number of gasses and solid substances which collectively represent an incredibly unhealthy cocktail for the human organism. It is established knowledge that the various substances in the diesel exhaust may cause cancer, bronchial diseases, cardiovascular diseases; inflammations, allergies and changes to human DNA, and that as a consequence hereof excess mortality in urban environments are a fact. Therefore, the purpose of a particulate filter and the NOx reducing system is to remove as many of the soot particles, NOx and related substances as possible from the exhaust before it is let out into open air. Preferably, all particles would be removed, but especially important is that the particulate filter not only removes the large particles, but also is able to remove the very small particles that the body cannot discard of on its own just as it is essential to remove or reduce NOx. 

Environmental challenges

Since the car's invention, it has been a challenge to make good driving characteristics and functioning vehicles. Later, it was more a challenge also to make these vehicles economy in both the acquisition and operation. And in recent years, the challenge has been to create environmentally friendly vehicles, environmentally friendly compared to the local community and environment friendly compared to the global climate, while having good driving characteristics, efficiency and economic in operation.. 

The environmental acceptability is metered in several parameters. For multiple decades vehicles' exhaustion of CO2 and NOx have been considered the biggest environmental problems, as those gasses causes, among other things, greenhouse effect and smog. For this very reason satisfactory solutions to these problems have been developed through the years - solutions that are widely spread today. But in recent years a new environmental challenge has been added: Carbon particles and NOx (NO2) from diesel vehicles, carbon particles that are highly injurious to health for humans and animals.        

Particulate filter systems from Emicon Systems remove the harmful soot particles from diesel exhaust. Our particulate filters removes even the smallest and most dangerous of these particles, and thus emit an exhaust that is on par with the latest OEM systems.

Emicon Systems have been working on this challenge for several years, and today we are proud to deliver particulate filter systems and combination systems particulate filters and SCR for NOx reduction for all types of diesel vehicles, which effectively removes soot particles and the NOx from diesel vehicles exhaust - that is without sacrificing vehicle functionality, reliability, economy and CO2 emissions.

With Emicon Systems you comply with regulations and are also future proof compared to present and future environmental zone regulations. But not least, you contribute to a cleaner world for us and our descendants, because  we at Emicon Systems take pride in creating harmony between vehicles and the environment - we all need both!