Particulate filter of the future

Small van filter

The modular design offers the following advantages:

  • Plug and drive – Quick and easy to mount.
    Specially adapted for Iveco Daily, Mercedes Sprinter etc. types of vans
  • Active regeneration methods ensure regeneration (removal of soot particles) at all driving patterns. No fouling of the filter – high reliability.
  • No need of FBC “Fuel Borne Catalyst” (additive).
  • Servicefriendly. Quick filter service.
  • We use Silicon carbide, the most sustainable filter core in the market.
  • Reduction of toxic gasses CO, HC, NO/NO2, and NOx is possible simultaneously with the filtering of soot particles.
  • Superior filtration efficiency of 99,8% of Particulate matters.
  • Endorsed in principle by the Danish Transportation Authority – your access to the eco zones.
  • Engine size from 2-4 L.

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