Solution for Construction machinery (off-road)

For construction equipment Emicon Systems has a wide range of particulate filters and catalyst systems that can cover most needs for emission control of workplaces, as warehouses, ports, mining and tunnelling, agriculture and gardening landscape equipment and construction sites in general.

Emifighter: For construction machinery, who work indoors, in mines or tunnels or in specific emissionstrained closed areas Emicon have simple catalytic solutions that can reduce the most dangerous and acute toxic emissions such as CO, HC and NO2 significantly, as the particle mass can be reduced in these open systems.

EmiFlex and EmiFit solutions is our latest generation of catalysts, catalytic coated or additive-based particulate filter systems, is a unique development of our previous particulate filter systems, as CO, HC, NOx and PM. Emicon Systems newest developed system is the Combined DPF and SCR system which together reduces all regulated emissions up to Stage4. These systems can be used in virtually all types of construction equipment, which can generate the required temperature which is at least 280°C, from where Emicon Systems active particulate filter systems works. Trucks