Solutions to Gen-sets

 For gen-set Emicon System has, in cooperation with OE partners and professional design teams, the necessary skills to design "Low Back Pressure" emission applications for gen-set up to 3000KW, which removes both soot particles with particle filters and / or reduces NOx by up to 95% with SCR systems. Further, the system reduces CO and CH to a level far below the applicable standard requirements.

Any EmiGen solution for gen-set above 5-600 kW is handled by a professional project team, ensuring that all necessary considerations are taken into the system design, it could be high requirements for very low back pressure, reduction of all emissions, space challenges, also buildings where special consideration is taken to minimize the risk for heat release and special secured joints are made for the prevention of any emission leakage in the building.

Special heated catalysts that ensure immediate reduction of emissions through periodic performance and functional test of uninterruptible power supplies, can be built into Emicon System EmiGen systems.

For smaller Gen-set comes standard EmiFlex systems, please see here