Solutions for trucks and Van’s

EmiFlex and EmiFit is our latest generation of catalysts, catalytic coated or additive-based particle systems, which is a unique development of our previous particle systems. Emicon Systems newest developed system is Combined DPF and SCR system which together reduces all regulated emissions, as CO, HC, NOx and PM.

EmiFlex is a total integrated modular solution which has:

- Physical flexibility - optimal fitting to any vehicle and compact solution.

EmiFit is a custom and modular total solution which:

- adapted to a specific vehicle model – with EmiFlex modular filter and catalytically systems.

EmiFlex og EmiFit can be supplied with:

- Several active and passive regeneration methods, which ensures a high level of reliability.

- A particulate filter made of silicon carbide, based on well-documented and patented technologies, which provide a low back pressure and therefore has no significant impact on fuel consumption.

- An advanced silencer in stainless (AISI 304) steel, which ensures a particularly good sound reduction and a low back pressure.

- Option, a semi-automatic FBC dosing system with integrated back pressure monitoring and status indicators that monitors the operation of the particulate filter.

- Option, an additive container having sufficient capacity, which only needs to be refilled in connection with regular servicing of the vehicle.

- Option, a catalyst or catalytic coated particulate filter optimizes the particulate filter ability to regenerate, while achieving a large reduction in CO (carbon monoxide) and HC (unburned diesel fuel). 

- Option, for remotely controlling the particulate filter system, the system can be modularly extended with a GSM/GPRS/GPS system in which there is a possibility of using a fleet management tool.

EmiFlex and EmiFit, which replaces the existing silencer provides the same or better sound reduction, and removes more than 99% of the harmful soot particles from diesel exhaust - also the most harmful ultrafine particles. Depending on the regeneration strategy or application, the CO and HC can be reduced up to 99%.

To reduce NOx, an AdBlue based EmiFlex system can be added modularly with an SCR Flex system that can reduce up to 90% NOx.

As EmiFlex also works well year after year, even on engines with low exhaust temperatures where other systems have to give up, without creating other environmental or health and safety problems are EmiFlex really pioneering particulate filter system - perhaps the best on the market?