Solutions for Trains/locomotives

Emicon Systems has for many years had a catalyst-based particulate filter systems running on Tunnel service Robel machine on the "Flåmsbana" in Norway as well as a twin-engine applied railway renovation machine running in the south

Norway. The engines on these machines are 20 litre Volume, V12, 380 KW engines with 2 separate filter systems on each engine. These, in total 6 filter systems have been running without error since March 2007. Two of these machines are fitted with a heat increasing device, which increases the exhaust gas temperature from 130°C to 200°C in the low load area, in order to activate the catalyst function for reducing, in particular CO. Achieved degree  of reduction is 960ppm CO to 16ppm CO (98 %).

Any filter solution for trains are designed and sized specifically for each train or locomotive. The filter systems are dimensioned and designed to reduce the specific emissions requirements, while the filter systems are designed in an extraordinary high quality compared to the high requirements for durability, strength and function. Installation work on locomotives is always performed by qualified welders and fitters to ensure that the installation work is carried out to the highest level of quality.

Particle systems for trains and locomotives are modular and as in Emicon Systems complete product line can be extended with SCR systems.

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